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Re-training LLMs is costly, time consuming, and impractical at scale. An LLM "hallucinates" when it is unable to discern the difference between being creative, and being wrong. So it produces realistic, but ultimately fictional outputs when it lacks that knowledge as part of its training set.

How are we impacted by outdated models? Whenever anything you are interested in has changing data, such as a developer's new release of a framework, or a partner's API specifiation, or your industries' regulations or compliance guidleine, or newly enacted legislation, or competitors' marketing campaign or pricing changes. Without retraining an LLM with the latest data, it will remain prone to hallucinations or simply not be able to provide a useful response.

Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), on the other hand, arms any LLM with just enough additional context at inference time, bringing your base model LLM up-to-current with whatever supplemental knowledge it requires, on a "just-in-time" basis. Our products, tools, and APIs provide both consumer and enterprise users a better user experience, better results, and lower costs in implementing a multi-LLM, vendor agnostic solution. While there are many ways to implement RAG, we have been leading the way in providing first-to-market, best-in-class, solutions used by hundreds of thousands of users to date.

Comprehensive Approach

Multi-vendor, multi-platform, value-added solutions. We handle the complex integration required to get the most out of your AI/GPT investments.


Consumer Platform

  • Access to all major frontier LLM’s (via API)
  • Such as ChatGPT, Claude-3, and Gemini
  • Enjoy significantly more reliable and accurate results
  • One subscription and interface, instead of multiple, individual subscriptions

Enterprise Solutions

  • Supporting multiple internal/external models
  • Providing RAG with public/private data
  • API endpoints for secure data access
  • Ongoing performance, cost, and rusults optimization

Frontier Model Plugins

  • ChatGPT calls them “Custom GPT’s”
  • Our flagship WebGPT🤖, powered by OpenAI's multi-modal GPT-4o LLM, is available in the ChatGPT store
  • All major model providers plan developer community apps or plugins -- We'll provide tooling for all

Products & Professional Services

Helping you design and implement better solutions to your specific needs.

01 Consumer Platform
02 Enterprise Solutions
03 Frontier Model Plugins

Consumer Platform

Proof: Just try it yourself.

Finding the right service to give you a competitive edge in all your GPT needs is critical. Don't settle for the hype. Demand better results!

We can pitch and promote how great WebGPT🤖 and Web Requests are, or you can just compare it yourself. Pick your favorite GPT, enter a meaningful prompt and see what results you get. Then try ours with the same prompt. We're pretty sure you'll see what we mean. Enough said.

Enterprise Solutions

Ethical AI: Starts with honest dialog on what GPT can and can't do well.

Securely integrating tools and services into your existing infrastructure is paramount. Ensuring your approach doesn't lead to unsustainable costs and upgrades is too.

Our challenge is simple. Provide us with the use cases others are struggling to deliver. We're pretty sure we won't. Moreover, our dialog will likely unleash significant insight into applications and integrations that you haven't even considered yet.

Frontier Model Plugins

Leadership & Experience Matters

Providing education, shared experiences, insights, and trends with family, caregivers, or supportive friends.

For other professionals and students, we provide in-service training and other educational services for your staff, institution, agency, or college.

  • WebGPT🤖 does much more than just assisting with code snippets:
      Utilize backend AI Agent workflows to do automatic code review to reduce error rates
      Accesses realtime error logs so the LLM can debug and diagnose issues on behalf of the user
      Deploys project to an interactive playground the user can load the app right in their browser
  • Testimonials

    "Without a doubt Web Requests @WeGPTai created by @JD_2020 💯! The only reason I bought chatGPT Plus."

    - X user

    "How is this not getting more attention?!? Awesome!"

    - X user

    "I think WebGPT is the BEST use of a GPT I have seen"

    - Reddit user

    Videos & News

    Conversational AI

    Voice interaction with transcripts.

    Watch an interesting dialog with an AI, using voice, that prompts the AI to look into itself reagarding current technical design limitations.

    Leveling Up

    Pro tips and insights.

    Examples of how WebGPT🤖 can increase anyone's productivity by getting better results.

    Hype or Hope

    Have you heard of Devin?

    There's as much hype and hope in the initial AI space as there was in the Crypto space. Just a little comparative video to hold truth to power. Do your own due dilligence.

    Josh Olin, CTO

    Founder & CTO of WeGPT.ai - WebGPT🤖 for ChatGPT. Launched some Call of Duty’s in former life. Now building AI & Web3 tech for a safer, more equitable world.

    Thought Leader in ethical AI and Web3 technologies, providing innovative solutions for generative AI, LLM, and blockchain technology sectors.

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